Intro to the Digital Humanities

What are the digital humanities? A question with evolving and sometimes endless answers. To help sort them, the following sites are incredibly useful guides and resources for digital humanities scholarship:

CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide, “a collaboratively produced introduction to the field of Digital Humanities” by the CUNY DHI

Tools & Resources: A Guide to the Digital Humanities, by Josh Honn, Northwestern University Libraries

Digital Humanities Questions & Answers, Association for Computers and the Humanities. A high-traffic forum for questions ranging from beginning to complex. (You can also follow @DHAnswers on Twitter.)

Digital Humanities Education, a collaborative group library on Zotero which includes “syllabi and curriculum planning documents, as well as as articles about open education, networked pedagogies, and more.”

“What is Digital Humanities?”: Matthew Kirschenbaum’s excellent contribution to an upcoming issue of the ADE Bulletin

“DH: The Name That Does No Favors”: a thoughtful summary by Shannon Christine Mattern about her recent survey of DH critical literature

Other Intro to DH courses

This introductory course is significantly shaped by my own background and horizons of interests. For alternate perspectives on how to learn digital humanities, you might find it interesting to peruse more introductory syllabi, including:

Brian Croxall’s Introduction to Digital Humanities taught at the undergraduate level. Brian helpfully and generously links to many other syllabi and resources which informed his pedagogical decisions, including:

Within Lisa Spiro’s curated Zotero group (linked above), libraries of DH Curricula and DH Syllabi.

The CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative also maintains a growing collection of syllabi.

Digital Scholarship and Support @ NCSU